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Come 2 A Directional Shift for Women

Come 2 A Directional Shift for Women

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Come 2

A Directional Shift for Women

Working With Young Women’s Group, c1980s, black and white photographs throughout, staple-bound magazine publication

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, small Velcro strip attached to front cover (see photographs)

“In COME 2 our aim was to explore our relationship as women to cultural and political issues combined with a critical view to the self-confirming rhetoric which is so easy to fall into.  We wanted to avoid any such rhetoric becoming a central concern and were interested in acknowledging the difference (read dissonance) among feminists.
A further challenge was to produce this magazine/cassette collectively – aware of our privileged access to education and technology, and yet still having to contend with factors which generally hinder collective production (confidence, ie shortage and blockages, political and personal differences, commitments of every other kind, paltry workspace and lack of financial and cultural support).
this second issue differs greatly from the first (Go Ask A Girl) in that COME 2 uses a wider range of styles as it develops and investigates the interrelationship of the aural and visual texts”


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