100 Years of Australians At War by George Odgers

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100 Years of Australians At War

by George Odgers

Ken Fin Books, 2000, b/w photographic plates, paperback, ISBN 186458078X

Very Good Condition, minor 'crumpling to very bottom of pages (first dozen)

'100 Years of Australians At War is a tribute to the servicemen and women of the past, and peacekeepers of the present, the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force.  This is their story, told through the drama, tragedy and heroism of our 20th century conflicts.
This book begins with the Boer War, goes on to cover the Boxers conflict in China, the horrors and endurance of the First and Second World Wars, the Malayan emergency, the Korean War, the Indonesian Confrontation and the significant Australian contribution to the Vietnam War.
Also covered is the Gulf War and Australia's continuing role as a keeper of the peace under the auspices of the United Nations.'