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A Cup of Silver Linings by Karen Hawkins

A Cup of Silver Linings by Karen Hawkins

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A Cup of Silver Linings

by Karen Hawkins

Gallery Books, Simon & Schuster, 2021, ISBN 9781982105563, paperback

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, small crease at bottom corner front cover, no inscriptions, uncreased spine (see photographs)

“Ava Dove – the sixth of the seven famed Dove sisters – is frantic.  Just as her fabulous new tearoom is about to open, her herbal teas have gone wonky: her sleep-inducing tea is startling her clients awake with vivid dreams, her romance-kindling tea is causing them to blurt out their deepest secrets, and her antianxiety tea is making them spend hours staring into mirrors.  Ava is desperate for a remedy, but her search leads her into dangerous territory, as she is forded to confront a dark, decades-old secret of her own..”


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