A Family Likeness by Barbara Ker Wilson

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A Family Likeness

by Barbara Ker Wilson

Illustrated by Astra Lacis Dick

Angus and Robertson, 1967 [First Edition], illustrated in text, hardcover, dustjacket, 

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, 

'In this vivid story, the author contrasts this lively girl, living in present day Sydney, with the children who were those ancestors.  They arrived in Australia from England in the days of the Gold-rush and spent months camping out in tents, endlessly searching for the precious metal.  But they were not among the lucky ones.  They endured the heat and the mud, the mosquitoes and the fevers of the gold-fields for a few grains of gold.  Eventually, disillusioned, the Pratts left for Melbourne where they set up a grocery store.  The business flourished, and expanded; the Pratts moved to a better home in a better district.  And as the children grew up, traditions in the family and the country grew with them to make the world that Debbie knew.'