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A Ship Must Die by Douglas Reeman

A Ship Must Die by Douglas Reeman

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A Ship Must Die

by Douglas Reeman

Hutchinson Group 1979 [First Edition], ISBN 0091381509, 

Very Good Condition, spine slightly cocked, dust jacket a little chipped

'A Ship Must Die, set in the rolling wastes of the southern oceans, strongly drawn characters, magnificently described backgrounds and stirring scenes of navel battles combine in a narrative of truly epic proportions.

January 1944. Out in the wastes of the Indian Ocean, British ships are sinking. The cause: a German armed raider, disguised to deceive unwary merchantmen. In Williamstown, Australia, HMS Andromeda awaits transfer to the Australian navy. After years together in bloody combat with the Nazis, the cruiser's crew will disperse to fight in other ships, in other seas. But a call to Andromeda's youthful captain, Richard Blake VC, changes everything. He puts to sea immediately. His mission: to seek out and destroy the raider. And in this conflict, one ship must die.'

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