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A Species in Denial by Jeremy Griffith

A Species in Denial by Jeremy Griffith

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A Species in Denial

by Jeremy Griffith

WTM Publishing & Communications, 2004, [Revised], ISBN 1741290015, paperback

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing, bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, uncreased spine (see photographs)

“To be a conscious being and not have understanding has been a terrible affliction – our supercomputer brain came without its program and we were left to wander in bewilderment searching for it.
Ignorance led to all manner of fear, insecurity and superstition.  For instance, there was a time when humans sacrificed their first born to appease the terrifying god of lightening.  Thankfully knowledge has liberated us from ignorance as to the cause of lightning.  Indeed, the steady accumulation of knowledge since the dawn of consciousness has liberated humans from an immense amount of bewilderment.
How far we have come; yet how far we still had to go.  The truth is all the liberation from insecurity that enlightenment has yielded to this point in time is negligible compared to the freedom that the finding of understanding of the huma condition – humans’ capacity for good and evil – now brings.
Ignorance about ourselves, about why we are the way we are, has been the ultimate affliction.  In fact, so insecure have humans been about this core issue of the human condition that we have had no choice but to live in a dark ‘cave’ of denial of the whole depressing subject.”


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