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Agricultural Chemistry by R. H. Adie and T. B. Wood

Agricultural Chemistry by R. H. Adie and T. B. Wood

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Agricultural Chemistry

In Two Volumes

by R. H. Adie and T. B. Wood

Vol. II

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1897, [First Edition], deckled edges, hardcover

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions (see photographs)

“'The Microcosm of London' began to appear in the spring of 1808. It was published by Rudolph Ackermann at his shop in the Strand, and was eventually completed in 24 parts, comprising one hundred coloured views of London scenes and two hundred pages of conversational text.
The two illustrators that he chose for his work were Thomas Rowlandson and Charles Augustus Pugin. The latter drew the architecture in the plates whilst the former added the figures.
The present book is simply a selection of 16 of the original 100 plates, reduced in dimensions by about one-half. They have been chosen for a variety of reasons: some for their architectural beauty, some for the interest of the figures, some because the scene they represent is so curiously like the same scene today [1943], some because it is so curiously different.
In these pictures we see English people who lived their lives against a background of world war, of sweeping armies and mass fanaticism.”


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