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Albion Dreaming by Andy Roberts

Albion Dreaming by Andy Roberts

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Albion Dreaming

A popular history of LSD in Britain

by Andy Roberts

Marshall Cavendish, 2008 [First Edition], b/w photographic plates, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 9781905736270

Fine Condition, ex-library (only stamp to front flyleaf) otherwise as new condition

'Most people associate LSD with America and the hippie movement but there is an equally strong and hitherto unknown history of LSD use in Britain, Albion Dreaming traces the drug's complex history from its arrival in Britain during 1952 through its use in psychotherapy, the secret military LSD experiments at Porton Down and the British hippie movement's extensive use of the powerful chemical.
This fascinating book reveals:

  • The intriguing story of how a doctor introduced LSD to Britain in 1952
  • New revelations about M16 and the Ministry of Defence's experiments to use LSD as a weapon
  • Counter culture LSD use in the 1950s
  • How the media caused LSD to be outlawed
  • The Home Office's exclusion of Timothy Leary from Britain
  • The British Government's file on Operation Julie
  • New evidence suggesting LSD is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco or heroin.'


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