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Aliens & Savages by Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice

Aliens & Savages by Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice

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Aliens & Savages

Fiction, Politics and Prejudice in Australia

by Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice

HarperCollins, 1998, lightly illustrated with line drawings, paperback, ISBN 0732259487

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, spine uncreased

'Aliens & Savages is a no-holds barred exploration of 300 years of racial comment in Australia's literature, from William Dampier in 1697 to Pauline Hanson in 1997.  This book leads us through an entertaining - and confronting - selection of politically motivated popular writing, including fiction, poetry, journals, diaries and 'yellow press' journalism.
Revealing uncensored voices of mainstream white Australians reacting to other cultures, especially Aboriginal and Asian cultures, Aliens & Savages is a controversial collection, much of which has never been republished before now.
This is an important book, one that will redefine popular understanding of the role of racism in Australia's history.  It is a book that will inform the debate currently dominating Australia's media - a debate driven as much by ignorance as by fear.'

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