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American Shogun by Robert Harvey

American Shogun by Robert Harvey

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American Shogun

MacArthur, Hirohito and the American Duel with Japan

by Robert Harvey

John Murray, 2006, b/w plates, paperback, ISBN 071956638X

As New Condition, small chip out of back cover (see photographs)

'In the years and months leading up to Pearl Harbor, Japan was becoming the most industrialized state in Asia, as well as the repository of a martial heritage that fueled imperial ambitions of conquest and hegemony. Across the Pacific, the United States was emerging from the Depression and again growing into its role as a global power. Today's partnership between modern Japan and the United States was forged by the conflict and resolution between these two competing agendas and cultures in World War II, a drama that was defined by two men: General Douglas MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito. Under celebrated historian Robert Harvey's scrutiny, these two iconographic figures are brought into full relief, producing a nuanced narrative as well as a revealing portrait of these extraordinary men. American Shogun delivers a remarkable account of the vast divide that led to war, and the unforeseen commonality that helped develop a lasting peace.'



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