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Andy by Geoffrey Dutton

Andy by Geoffrey Dutton

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by Geoffrey Dutton

Collins, 1968, [First Edition], hardcover, dustjacket

Like New Condition, minor edge and shelf wear to dustjacket

'Andy has one love that transcends all others - flying; and one hate, authority.  The former lands him in the Royal Australian Air Force, the latter more than once in a military prison.  On balance it's worth it, to him and to us;  never since St. Exupery has anyone so enjoyed the beauty and exhilaration of flying nor has anyone ever more enjoyed a party and the other fun and games that generally end up in trouble for Andy.  He is a born leader, whether of the pious intellectual friend who worships him, or the born black marketer who will do anything for him, even below cost.  The climax is worthy of a hero - an adventure involving an enchanting refugee girl, a captured Japanese officer, an aeroplane, a volcano in eruption and a sort of Circe's island where the more violent human emotions find their expression and outlet.'

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