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Angelic Realities by Ashayana Deane

Angelic Realities by Ashayana Deane

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Angelic Realities

The Survival Handbook

by Ashayana Deane

Wild Flower Press, 2001, [First Edition], ISBN 1893183319, line drawn diagrams and symbols, paperback

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions (see photographs)

"A collection of summery charts and condensations of information from Ashayana's workshops covering these and other important topics:
Who Are The Visitors and Where Do They Come From?
How Humans Are Chosen for Visitor Contact
15 Primary Methods of Visitor Contact & Manipulation
Why Have the Visitors Returned?
Parallel Earth and Time Blend
Ancient Roots of The One-World Order
How Humanity Lost Awareness of Its Soul
Results of Ancient Text Distortions
Why Humans Remain in Conflict
Human Race Lines, Starseeds & DNA Substrand Matrices
Primary Hybrid Types
3 Primary Visitor Agendas
Reclaiming Your Power
Posturing for Empowerment in Contact
Realizing Your Role as an Empowered Contactee
What Not to Do in Visitor Contact
Introduction to 15-Dimensional Human Anatomy
5 Visitor Differentiation Techniques
5 Techniques for Disengaging Visitor Manipulation
6 Steps Toward Joy"

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