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Ascent to Civilization by John Gowlett

Ascent to Civilization by John Gowlett

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Ascent to Civilization

The Archaeology of Early Man

by John Gowlett

Book Club Associates, 1984, colour and b/w photographs, illustrations and maps throughout, hardcover, dustjacket, 

Near Fine Condition, book has minor rubbing to edges, dustjacket has minor edge and shelf wear 

'The record begins in Africa, where archaeological explorations of the last few years have revealed much about the early stages of man's evolution.
We see how archaeologists actually work, planning and excavating a site, recording and interpreting their finds.  And from this we learn about stone tools and how they were used; about the control of fire; about the techniques of hunting, and gathering food, of making objects of bone and wood with stone tools, of building shelters; about the spread of mankind into new continents and through extremes of climate; and about the later developments of agriculture, metalwork, the wheel and the written word.  We watch men rise to the threshold of civilization.' 


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