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Audels New Electric Library by Frank D. Graham - 12 Volumes Complete

Audels New Electric Library by Frank D. Graham - 12 Volumes Complete

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Audels New Electric Library

12 Volumes

by Frank D. Graham

Theo. Audel & Co., Publishers, 1940, 12 volumes, leather soft back, black and white photographs and illustrations throughout all volumes

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear (see photographs)

"Here are the answers to your questions, giving you the real dope that every Electrician must know, "Audels New Electric Library" supplies the great need for new, practical, concise information that is easily adn quickly grasped.
Not too technical but comprehensive and easily understood, giving the reader a thorough mastery of this mighty force.  Every electrical worker can easily advance his knowledge by spare time study of this library - 15-30 minutes a day will increase knowledge.

Volume I: Fundamental Principles and Rules of Applied Electricity, Magnetism, Armature Winding, Voltage Changes and Repairs.

Volume II: D. C. Generators and D. C. Motors, Construction, Installation, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting.

Volume III: Electrical Testing Instruments and Tests, Storage Battery Construction and Repairs.

Volume IV: Alternating Current, Principles and Diagrams, Alternators, Transformers, Power Factor.

Volume V: A. C. Motors, Windings, Reconnecting maintenance, Converters, Switches, Fuses, Circuit Breakers.

Volume VI: Relays, Condensers, Regulators, Rectifiers, Meters, Switchboards, Power Station Practice.

Volume VII: Wiring Diagrams, Tables, Calculations, Plan Reading, House Wiring, Power Circuits, High Tension, Transmission, Underground Work, Cable Splicing, Underwriter's Code.

Volume VIII: Electric Railways, Signals, Elevators, Hoists, Cranes, Gas Engines, Auto Ignition, Starting and Lighting, Aeronautics, Marine.

Volume IX: Covering Radio, Telephone, Telegraph Motion Pictures, Talkies.

Volume X: Covering Electric Refrigeration, Bells, Signals, Lighting Illumination, Heating, X-Ray, Therapeutics, Plating, Soldering, Brazing, Welding, Pumps, Compressors, Domestic and Farm Appliances.

Volume XI: Will contain an Outline and Review of Practical Applied Mathematics.  Very fully illustrated with examples and tests for practice.  An Electrical Calculator for Electricians, Engineers, Machinists, Technicians, Mechanics, and students arranged for home study and ready reference.

Volume XII: This Volume of Audels New Electric Library is to be Audels New Electric Dictionary and Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity, Words, Definitions, Terms and Phrases in Current Use."


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