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Australian Aborigines by Donald Carisbrooke

Australian Aborigines by Donald Carisbrooke

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Australian Aborigines

by Donald Carisbrooke, Illustrated by Molly G. Johnson

'Readabout Books'

Readabout Books, 1964 [Original Edition], 1964, colour illustrations, paperback

Very good condition, cover rubbed and bumped in places, watermark to small top area of firs few pages, middle pages loose (see photographs)

'When explorers first came to the shores of Australia, they found a stone-age people still living in the same way and using the same kind of tools as men had done in Europe and Asia thousands of years earlier.

The aborigines had to learn the ways of their new land.  Life was not easy, and they often had a hard time finding enough food and water.  This book will tell you something about the way they lived'


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