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Australian Legendary Tales by K. Langloh Parker

Australian Legendary Tales by K. Langloh Parker

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Australian Legendary Tales

by K. Langloh Parker

Aboriginal Legends for Children

Brolga Books, 1969, black and white illustrations in text, paperback

Very Good Condition, a little shelf wear to edges and corners, one crease down front cover, un-creased spine, age-toned pages (see photographs)

"They are charming, these legends, child-like in their simplicity yet adult in wisdom; and there's a quality of poetry about them that will endear them not only to children but to all who are young at heart."

How the Sun was Made
The Southern Cross
The Mopoke and the Moon
The Fire-makers
The Goanna and the Black Snake
Mullian-ga the Morning Star
The Rain-maker Wirinun
The Dogs of Bahloo
A Legend of the Flowers
How Mussels were brought to the Creeks
Goolay-yali the Pelican
Bohra the Kangaroo
the Galah and Oola the Lizard
The Wagtail and the Rainbow
the Stone Frogs
Mayi-mayi the Seven Sisters
The Black Swans
Piggi-billa the Porcupine
Wayamba the Turtle
Wallu-barl the Bark Lizard
Bubbur the Giant Brown and Yellow Snake
Eerin the Small Grey Owl


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