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Blood Red, Sister Rose by Thomas Keneally

Blood Red, Sister Rose by Thomas Keneally

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Blood Red, Sister Rose

by Thomas Keneally

Book Club Associates, 1974, hardcover

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing to edges and corners, no inscriptions, (see photographs)

"For centuries the story of Joan of Arc has held a special fascination for writers all over the world. Each has seen her in a different way. Novelist Thomas Keneally is no exception. For him Joan--or Jehanne--is a rather ordinary young girl, a plain-spoken bewildered adolescent-albeit one who literally saved France for Charles VII. Concentrating largely on the Maid's lifting of the siege of Orleans, Keaneally's research has been impeccable and his interpretation brilliant. As victory is assured, Jehanne--who by this time is regarded by many as an unchivalrous transvestite witch--undergoes a natural transformation which at once makes her woman and inevitably seals her doom. And she knew it."

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