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Blue On Grey by Jack Cawley

Blue On Grey by Jack Cawley

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Blue On Grey - 

A Story of the Mounted Cadre of the South Australian Police Force

by Jack Cawley

Published by Author, October 1991, 180 pages, ISBN 0646064681, b&w photographs, hardcover, dustjacket,

Fine Condition, a few chips to top of dust jacket

"I was privileged to be associated with the South Australian Mounted Police for over a period of thirty-three years, 1940-1973.  This service was broken only by War Service Leave, and a two year stint as a country policeman stationed at Balaklava.

The Mounted Cadre was formed in June 1951, and it is the operation of the Mounted Police in that context, to which this account particularly refers; although brief reference to their operation in earlier years seems necessary to place some aspects in proper perspective...

The famous South Australian Police Greys have captured the imagination of the South Australian public over a long period of time, and there have been just as many 'characters' among the Greys, as among the Troopers themselves.  I have mentioned many of them in this record.  Indeed, the frequent references to the Greys form the thread which binds these chapters."


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