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Boori by Bill Scott

Boori by Bill Scott

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by Bill Scott

Illustrated by A. M. Hicks

Oxford University Press, 1979, ISBN 0195505506, black and white illustrations, hardcover, dust-jacket

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, some rubbing to edges and corners, dust-jacket shows minor edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing to edges and corners (see photographs)

"Boori, the young warrior, must go on a journey.  to repay his debt to Perentie, the Old Man of the Hill of Opals, he must seek and fight the savage warrior Dingo, win his friendship and outwit the thieving Pukwudgies.  On the way he overcomes many perils, from water women and from Ganba the Rainbow Snake, greatest being of all.  When he returns from the inland deserts to his coastal home, he discovers that there are yet desperate dangers to be overcome; for the Melong, spirit of water and gatherer of storms, oppresses his people.  And even that may not be the last challenge.  the ending is deliberately open, to allow for a possible sequel to Boori."


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