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Byzantine and Early Medieval Painting by Manolis Chatzidakis and Andre Grabar

Byzantine and Early Medieval Painting by Manolis Chatzidakis and Andre Grabar

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Byzantine and Early Medieval Painting

The Contact History of Art

by Manolis Chatzidakis and Andre Grabar

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1965, colour and b/w plates throughout, fold out 'list of plates' booklet at rear, paperback

Very Good Condition, front flyleaf removed, tape residue on inside front and back covers, small tear at top of spine, some edge wear to covers

'This series covers the history of Western painting in twelve volumes.  For each book the paintings have been specially photographed all over Europe, and include many subjects never previously illustrated.

The first part of this book, written by Manolis Chatzidakis, Director of the Byzantine Museum, Athens, covers the entire history of Bysantine art, from its origins in the Early Christian period up to the fall of Constantinople in 1453.  The second part of the book, by Andre Grabar, the leading authority on Early Medieval art, charts the stages which led from the pre-Carolingian seventh and eight-century Roman mosaics to the great Carolingian revival in wall painting and manuscript illumination inspired by the  lavish patronage of Charlemagne's court.  The two texts together demonstrate the separate yet parallel developments of Byzantine and Early Medieval painting from their common origin in Early Christian painting.'



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