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Citrus by Bruce Morphett and Ian Tolley

Citrus by Bruce Morphett and Ian Tolley

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A Gardener’s Guide

by Bruce Morphett and Ian Tolley

Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium and Department for Environmental and Heritage

Government of South Australia, 2009, [Revised], ISBN 0730862259, colour photographs throughout, paperback with wraps

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, uncreased spine (see photographs)

“You could say that citrus is the ideal fruit.  It can be picked virtually year-round because the mature fruit of many varieties remains at its juicy best for weeks and even months on the tree.  And every part of the fruit can be used in cooking and to make healthy juices, tangy salads and delicious marmalades.
Citrus also make wonderful landscape trees with their beautiful glossy, dark green leaves and ornamental shape.  And who doesn’t love the scent of orange blossom in the spring garden?”

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