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Collecting Cast Iron by Alex Ames

Collecting Cast Iron by Alex Ames

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Collecting Cast Iron

by Alex Ames

Moorland Publishing, 1980, b/w photographs throughout, paperback, ISBN 0861902505

Near Fine Condition, minor edge-wear, small corner crease/dent to corner of front and back covers (see photographs)

'This is a book for collectors.  It is also for anyone interested in articles made from iron during the 200 years which commenced when Abraham Darby first successfully used coke for smelting iron in about 1709.  It's aim is to stimulate greater interest in looking for and collecting objects of cast iron whether they be beautiful or utilitarian, and by so doing encourage their preservation.  Even more important, it is hoped that museums, many of whose store-houses are filled with relics of the 're-plastic' age, will find space and time to mount displays so that the public can see what they have.  These cannot fail to have immediate impact, revealing as they will the origins of our present way of life.'

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