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Counter-Terrorism Equipment by Ian V. Hogg

Counter-Terrorism Equipment by Ian V. Hogg

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Counter-Terrorism Equipment

by Ian V. Hogg, Illustrated by Ray Hutchins

Greenhill Military Manuals, Greenhill Books, 2001, b/w photographs and illustrations throughout, hardcover with laminated pictorial boards, ISBN 1853674974

Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'Expert analysis of counter-terrorism equipment in operation today.  Reviews bomb detectors, specialised firearms, surveillance systems, robots, armoured cars and more.  Fully illustrated with photographs and technical drawings.

While this guide does not reveal details of technique or usage that could aid the terrorist, it does show the extent to which technology aids the forces of law and order, providing them with the means to counter invasive threats. Some of the remarkable devices now in regular use against criminal and terrorist threats featured in this book are: specialised vehicles that can survive mine blasts; special riot guns and shotguns; weapon sights that can locate targets in complete darkness or hidden by natural cover, and see through camouflage; protective systems to seal off an area and detect attempts to break its defences; laser beams for spotlighting a target two kilometres away; and radar that can distinguish between a man walking, running, on a bicycle, or sitting in a tank.

Covering one hundred devices in use today, this is the best guide of its kind to counter-terrorism equipment.'


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