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Crop Circles by Werner Anderhub and Hans Peter Roth

Crop Circles by Werner Anderhub and Hans Peter Roth

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Crop Circles

Exploring the Designs & Mysteries

by Werner Anderhub and Hans Peter Roth

Lark Books, 2002, colour and b/w photographs throughout, paperback, ISBN 1579902979

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear

'Why do immense, geometric formations called crop circles suddenly appear in fields year after year?  They are seen most frequently in England but have been discovered in many other countries as well.  These circles and other shapes materialise seemingly out of nowhere, baffling the farmers who own the land and the scientists who come to examine them.  What are they?  Who (or what) is creating them? Here you'll find the latest compelling theories, along with many incredible photos that will fascinate you.  Whether you believe they're the result of visits from extraterrestrial beings or mischievous farmers, you'll appreciate the surprising beauty, variety, and complexity of these designs.'

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