Cunninghamia A Journal of Plant Ecology for Eastern Australia

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A Journal of Plant Ecology for Eastern Australia

Volume 10 (3), 2008

Botanic Gardens Trust, 2008, illustrated with b/w photographs, maps, graphs and diagrams, paperback, 

Very Good Condition,

'Rare or threatened vascular plant species of Wollemi National Park, central eastern New South Wales, Stephen A. J. Bell;

Population size, habitat and conservation status of an Endangered speicies, Macrozamia johnsonii (Zamiaceae), D. L. Binns and P. Meek;

A broad typology of dry rainforests on the western slopes of New South Wales, Timothy J. Curran, Peter J. Clarke and Jeremy J. Bruhl;

Defining the original extent and floristic composition of the naturally-treeless grasslands of the Liverpool Palins, North Western Slopes, New South Wales, R. D. Laing;

Floristics, structure and site characteristics of Melaleuca viridiflora (Myrtaceae) dominated open woodlands of the wet tropics lowlands, Stephen D. Skull and Robert A. Congdon;

Vegetation and floristic diversity in Gibraltar Range and part of Washpool National Parks, New South Wales, John T. Hunter and Paul Sheringham;

Montane lakes (lagoons) of teh New England Tablelands Bioregion, Dorothy M. Bell, John T. Hunter and Robert J. Haworth;

Flora of the Stockton and Port Hunter sandy foreshores with comments on fifteen notable introduced species, Petrus C. Heyligers'