Devil's Marble by Maisie McKenzie

  • $29.95

Devil's Marble

John Flynn's Grave In Central Australia

by Maisie McKenzie

Boolarong Press, 1998, ISBN 0864392036, black & white photographs, paperback

Fine Condition

'Maisie McKenzie and her husband Doug lived in the Northern Territory for nine years, residing in both Alice Springs and Darwin.  In that time they saw, first hand, the outcome of John Flynn's work in outback Australia, and the love and respect the inland people had for him.  They also had close contact with Aboriginal people as diverse as teh Pitjantjatjara in the south, and the Arnhem Land tribes in the north.  They consider the relationships they had,both with Flynn's work through the Australian Inland Mission, and the Aboriginal people, to be a unique and deeply enriching life experience.'

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