Documents in World History Volume 2 by Stearns, Gosch and Grieshaber

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Documents in World History Volume 2

The Modern Centuries From 1500 To The Present

Fourth Edition

by Peter N. Stearns, Stephen S. Gosch and Erwin P. Grieshaber

Pearson Eductation, 2006, b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 032133258X

Very good condition, very light pencil margin writings and underlining on some pages, previous owner inscription label to front flyleaf

'Offers a range of documents that illustrates civilizations from key stages in world history, with special attention to comparing major societies. Documents in World History is a thematically organized, authoritative collection of original sources that highlight political, social, cultural and economic issues in world history. The text also provides documents on the hot topics of gender and cultural history. Revised and updated with over a quarter of the documents new, the sixth edition retains its global emphasis. Standard selections and political coverage have been improved, and attention to Islam and Christianity as well as South Asia have been expanded.'



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