Dredging For Gold by Matt Thornton

  • $39.95

Dredging For Gold

The Gold Divers' Handbook

by Matt Thornton

Keene Industries, 1979, black & white photographs and illustrations by the austhor, paperback

Very Good Condition 

'In this beautifully illustrated book, Matt Thornton brings everything out into the open by explaining the "hows" and "whys" of the fascinating world of underwater gold-dredging ... here's a book that puts confusion and misleading statements permanently aside, while concentrating on information which will give the reader a sound, working knowledge of this invigorating outdoor hobby activity.  Matt Thornton's descriptive text goes down as easy as a glass of vintage Bordeaux, and the many fine illustrations and photographs act as a "loaf of bread and cake of cheese" by rounding out the package ...'


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