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Earth Magic by Francis Hitching

Earth Magic by Francis Hitching

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Earth Magic

by Francis Hitching

Book Club Associates, 1977, b/w photographs and illustrations, illustrated end-papers, hardcover, dustjacket

Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, previous owners inscription to reverse of front flyleaf

'Scattered along the Atlantic seaboard of northern Europe, from Scandinavia to Brittany, there are countless relics of our lost past.  Enigmatic and haunting, the stone circles, dolmens, barrows, hill 'forts' stand as remainders of an age before writing, before the wheel; an age when some common purpose inspired the megalithic inhabitants of northern Europe to erect these enduring monuments, with almost unimaginable labour and infinite precision.  What that purpose was is one of the last great mysteries, a source of endless and often bitter controversy between conventional archaeologists and a host of 'fringe' theories of varying degrees of probability.' 

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