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Ego, Attachment and Liberation by Lama Yeshe

Ego, Attachment and Liberation by Lama Yeshe

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Ego, Attachment and Liberation

Overcoming Your Mental Bureaucracy

A Five-Day Meditation Course

by Lama Yeshe

edited by Nicholas Ribush

Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, 2006, ISBN 1891868187, black and white photographs, paperback

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions, (see photographs)

“This book contains the teachings and mediations Lama gave at a five-day retreat he led near Melbourne, Australia, which he introduced by saying, “Whether or not his five-day meditation course becomes beneficial is up to you; it depends on your own mind.  It’s not a lama thing, I’m not going to bring you to enlightenment in this short time. Instead of having too many expectations of the lama, it’s better that you generate a pure motivation for being here.  Expectations cause mental problems, instead of being positive, they become negative…  If over the next five days you can begin to recognise the reality of your own nature, this mediation course will have been worthwhile.  Therefore, dedicate your actions during this time to discovering inner freedom through recognising the negative characteristics of your own uncontrolled mind.”
In line with Lama’s intentions, this book is dedicated to the awakening of inner freedom within the minds of its readers and all other sentient beings.”


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