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Eighty Plus by Eena Job

Eighty Plus by Eena Job

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Eighty Plus 

Outgrowing the Myths of Old Age

by Eena Job

University of Queensland Press, 1984, 235 pages, ISBN 0702218944, black and white photographs, hardcover, dust jacket,

A little dusty with a few age spots, otherwise in Fine, Like New Condition

'It used to be said that blacks were inferior to whites and women inferior to men.  Such ideas have been successfully challenged, and their supporters identified as racists or sexists.  But the notion that the old are, in every way, inferior to the young is still very widely accepted in our society.

Eighty Plus sets out to challenge society's "ageism" and to demonstrate that our stereotypes of old people are not only bigoted but also quite wrong.

Eena Job's survey of the life-histories and present circumstances of a group of Brisbane people aged eighty and over dispels the ageist horror stories of sickness, loneliness, senility, physical helplessness, financial dependence, and powerlessness.

Eighty Plus gives a fascinating insight to the world of older people, and reveals the unsuspected potentialities of old age.  People eighty and over form the most rapidly increasing segment of our society.  It is vital that, as society ages, the old do not remain a disadvantaged group.  Eena Job's book has taken the first step to ensure that stereotypes are abandoned and that the aged are given a chance to realise their potential.'

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