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Electronics Made Simple by Henry Jacobowitz

Electronics Made Simple by Henry Jacobowitz

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Electronics Made Simple

Made Simple Books

by Henry Jacobowitz

W. H. Allen & Company, 1967, [reset and revised], ISBN 401005601, loosely illustrated with graphs and diagrams, paperback

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, (see photographs)

“A logical approach to the subject requires a deliberate progression from fundamental electronic principles and devices to their application in circuits, which, in turn, form the building blocks for complex systems such as radio transmitters and receivers.  Following this approach, the book falls naturally into three major sections.  The first, covering chapters 1-7, explains basic principles, valves, and transistors.  The second, covering Chapters 8-14, delves into a variety of electronic circuits, including amplifiers, oscillators, power supplies, modulation, and detection.  The remaining chapters are devoted to some of the major electronic systems of general interest, such as radio, television, radar, and high-fidelity reproduction.”


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