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Eros on the Nile by Karol Mysliwiec

Eros on the Nile by Karol Mysliwiec

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Eros on the Nile

by Karol Mysliwiec

Gerald Duckworth & Co., 2004, colour plates, b/w photographs, in text illustrations throughout, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0715633023, 

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'Eros on the Nile looks at the erotic concepts and practices of the ancient Egyptians as recorded in art and literature, examining the cult of the king and his relationship with the gods as reflected in a legend depicting the royal child as the fruit of a relationship between a god and an earthly women.  The book discusses in detail the special religious and political role of royal women, which found expression in the institution of the 'god's wife', and describes and illustrates sexual episodes depicted in the Turin Papyrus, a unique document dating from the time of the New Kingdom.  Contrasting with the somewhat brutal naturalism of these scenes is the subtle sensuality of Ancient Egyptian love, poetry, excerpts from which are quoted from the book.'


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