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Exit Inflation by Paul Hellyer

Exit Inflation by Paul Hellyer

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Exit Inflation

by Paul Hellyer

Nelson Canada, 1981 [First Edition], ISBN 0176015337, lightly illustrated with graphs and diagrams, paperback

Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing to edges and corners, note-taking in blue ink on some pages, un-creased spine (see photographs)

"Each year Canadians see their dollar shrink a little more.  the dream of owning a home is fast becoming an unattainable fantasy for millions of young people, the cost of food creeps up and up, there is less and less money for the 'little things' that once made the quality of life in Canada the envy of the world.
And the response from the government and the professional economists? Higher interest rates, a stagnant economy, hundreds of thousands thrown out of work.
In Exit Inflation Paul Hellyer cuts through all the pious rhetoric and all the cant trotted out to justify the sad state of the economy.  In a thoughtful, biting, even radical contribution to public debate, he shows Canada the way to a better future.  He does so because he believes that a liberal democracy can enjoy both full employment and stable prices.  We need only the courage and the will."

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