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Feral & Fernandez by Iza Wey

Feral & Fernandez by Iza Wey

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Feral & Fernandez

Every Woman's Fantasy, Every Man's Nightmare

by Iza Wey

National Direct Marketing, 1999, 257 pages, ISBN 0958718342, paperback

Fine, Like New Condition

'Iza Wey lives on a remote part of the coast of the island continent of Australia. She has travelled the world and learned to sail and fly along the way while earning a living through various risky pursuits. She is a student of martial arts and has a black belt.
Her days are spent breaking blocks of wood with her bare feet, writing, swimming in the ocean, enduring rugged hikes and communicating by email.
Her priorities are maintaining the pristine beauty of her environment, living in harmony with the natural world, arranging a slow, agonising death for anyone who is cruel to animals and protecting her privacy.
Not unexpectedly Iza Wey is not her real name, but please don't try to find her. She is dangerous. Just be happy she doesn't want to find you.'

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