Ferns for the Home and Garden by Gillean Dunk

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A Practical Step-By-Step Guide To

Ferns for the Home and Garden

by Gillean Dunk

Angus & Robertson, 1989, colour plates, b/w illustrations, paperback, ISBN 0207146756

Near Fine Condition

'With an entertaining text and lavish colour and black and white illustrations, Gillean Dunk temps us to indulge ourselves and, in a look into the fern's fascinating history, points out that our forebears in Victorian times showed little restraint when faced with the same temptation.  Once you are captivated there is a wealth of practical information on how to propagate and successfully grow ferns in the house, greenhouse or garden.  Ferns are among the oldest known plant forms and there are many thousands of species found throughout the world today.  Gillean Dunk has selected and described over 200 species that are most readily available throughout the world through nurseries and specialised growers.'

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