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Ferretabilia by Richard Walsh

Ferretabilia by Richard Walsh

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Life and Times of Nation Review

by Richard Walsh

University of Queensland Press, 1993, [First Edition], b/w photographs and b/w illustrations throughout, paperback, ISBN 0702224502

Fine Condition, like new

'"Lean and nosey like a ferret" was its slogan, and it became the bible of the baby boomers who voted Whitlam into office.
Nation Review's heady mix of iconaciasm and wit attracted the cream of Australian journalism to its pages led by John Hepworth, Mungo MacCallum, Bob Ellis and the irascible "Sam Orr".  Its pages introduced to a wider readership the whimsy of Leunig, the black humour of Patrick Cook and the political sophistication of Peter Nicholson.  Now the Ferret's wordly-wise prose, its sad/funny cartoons, its querulous letter-writers and even its brazen classifieds - the notorious D-Notices - are back in a potpourri of Ferret memorabilia.'

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