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Folklore of Australia Introduced by Walter Stone

Folklore of Australia Introduced by Walter Stone

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Folklore of Australia

Introduced by Walter Stone

The Currawong Press, 1991, 240 pages, 0730102076, hardcover, ex-library, b&w photographs and illustrations

Fine Condition, ex-library, stamps to inside front and back covers, edges and corners a little rubbed (see photographs)

'Here is a book that reveals the true richness of our folklore in a selection of writings as fresh as a breeze from the Australian bush.
Our most treasured poems, songs and stories are here, but here also are tales, stranger than fiction, drawn from our forgotten past, ranging from the horrors of shipwrecks to the exploits of bushrangers and early explorers, from ghost stories to accounts of life in the bush and the pioneers, drovers and bullockies who forged a national dream, there is humour galore.

The selection ranges freely over most aspects of our folk history, from stories of the Aborigines, the first Australians, to accounts of Australia's legendary fame in fields as far apart as sport and war.
A century ago Mark Twain wrote "Australian history... is full of surprises and adventures and incongruities and contradictions, but they are all true, they all happened."
Since then, Australians have added to their own folklore, for the subject is an ever growing thing.

Here then is a celebration of the Australian Character, "mostly lighthearted, with a touch of unvarnished patriotism thrown in"

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