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French Hand Sewing by Sarah Howard Stone

French Hand Sewing by Sarah Howard Stone

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French Hand Sewing Vol One

by Sarah Howard Stone, Illustrated by Lenice Dean Garrison

Twelfth Printing: January, 1991, ISBN 0937773018, large hardback, dust jacket, black and white photographs and illustrations throughout.

Like New Condition

'Sarah Howard Stone, who learned the art of French handsewing from her mother, is today nationally known as the Master of French Handsewing.  Sarah, through her sewing classes, has instilled a love of handsewing in teh hearts of hundreds of young women, thus insuring the survival of the art...With this book, Sarah Howard Stone gives clear, concise written instructions in the art of French handsewing.  This is a first! No more lost notes or forgotten instructions.  Sarah is gibing herself with this book, and everyone who has ever handsewn a delicate garment will be grateful.  What Sarah cannot give is that which makes her a true artist - her creative genius.  Because she has shared that with us through the years, we are grateful.'

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