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From a Rush Hut ... by Fred C. Humphreys

From a Rush Hut ... by Fred C. Humphreys

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From a Rush Hut ...

A chronicle of the first 100 years of organisation of Master Printers and Allied Trades in South Australia 1885-1985

by Fred C. Humphreys

Printing and Allied Trades Employers Federation of Australia, 1985, ISBN 09098107, black and white illustrations and photographs.

Near Fine Condition, a couple of small chips at bottom edge front cover, ex-library (see photographs)

'This book is an historical record of some of the activities of a continually changing group of employers representing the trade of printing and industries allied to printing in South Australia.  It is a story of people, most of whose names do not appear in this publication; It is a story of people dedicated to a philosophy that it is fair and reasonable to make some repayment in personal effort to an industry through which they gained a livelihood.  The proof of their combined efforts is evidenced by the general unity of purpose which prevails in the organisation still; the ability of its members to proudly recognize that unity and to support it financially and socially.' - W. Max Scrymgour, President South Australian Region

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