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From Yukon to Yucatan by I. Allan Sealy

From Yukon to Yucatan by I. Allan Sealy

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From Yukon to Yucatan

A journey of discovery in the footsteps of America's first travellers

by I. Allan Sealy

Mandarin Paperbacks, 1995, paperback, ISBN 0749398434

Very Good Condition, minor creasing to front cover, edge wear, shelf wear, creased spine, remainder line at bottom edge

'In a journey where Columbus comes at the end of time rather than the beginning, the Indian novelist I. Allan Sealy follows the spread of the earliest Americans after they crossed the land-bridge from Asia.

Travelling down from the Arctic Sea by whatever transport comes to hand, down roads more northerly than the Alaskan Highway, along Western blacktop, and across Mexico to the Yucatan, he meets the newest wave of North Americans - Latins in Tuktoyaktuk, Malaysians in Wyoming, a house called 'Saskatchewan' in upland Mexico - and those with an older claim.

From the Eskimos to the Mayas, from the igloo to the pyramid, here is the luminous record of a journey by the other kind of Indian - the kind Columbus expected to find when he set sail in 1492.'

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