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Future Plagues by Peter Brookesmith

Future Plagues by Peter Brookesmith

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Future Plagues

Biohazard, Disease and Pestilence Mankind's battle for survival

by Peter Brookesmith

Brown Packaging Books, 1997, [First Edition], colour photographs throughout, large format hardcover with laminated pictorial boards, dustjacket, ISBN 1897884257

Fine Condition, dustjacket has minor edge and shelf wear

'Humanity has always lived with, and sometimes barely survived, plagues, pestilence and epidemics.  Today, horrors such as the Black Death, which wiped out almost half the population of Europe in the fourteenth century, seem like distant nightmares.  Improved public health, vaccination and new drugs have driven many diseases from large parts of the world.  Tuberculosis, malaria, polio and the bubonic plague have been vanquished in many parts of the globe.  Smallpox has been eradicated fro the face of the Earth.
But this is no time for complacency.  Diseases once under control are beginning to resist antibiotics, and super-resistant superbugs have been found in hospital wards.  The spectre of AIDS hangs over a whole generation.  Nations large and small are genetically engineering biological weapons whose security is far from sure.  Could a new age of plague and pestilence be about to dawn?



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