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Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days by Stuart Wilde

Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days by Stuart Wilde

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Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days

An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul

by Stuart Wilde

Hay House, 2009, [First Edition, March 2009], ISBN 9781401920067, paperback

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions, un-creased spine (see photographs)

"In this uniquely fascinating book, Stuart Wilde gives you the keys to levels of metaphysical comprehension and sophistication not normally understood.  According to him, we are living in the era of the goddess Kali's return, the Age of Destruction, when the self-correcting intelligence of the planet (Gaia) will take back Earth on behalf of the animals, nature, and the little children.  There are battles currently raging in the spiritual worlds, waged by the forces of light against the dark entities in order to free us all.  Stuart describes a power he calls the Solar Logos, which will come to Earth to deliver a rebirth known as the Renewal.  As such, he calls this time the "End of Days" - not because the world will end, but because it is the end of the world as we know it."

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