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Hacker's Challenge by Mike Schiffman

Hacker's Challenge by Mike Schiffman

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Hacker's Challenge

Test Your Incident Response Skills Using 20 Scenarios

by Mike Schiffman

Osbourne/McGraw-Hill, 2001, [First Edition], b/w illustrations, graphs, charts, paperback, ISBN 0072193840

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, un-creased spine

'Malicious hackers are everywhere these days, so how do you keep them out of your networks?  This unique volume challenges your forensics and incident response skills with 20 real-world hacks presented by upper-echelon security experts.  Important topics are covered, including Denial of Service, wireless technologies, Web attacks, and malicious code.  Each challenge includes a detailed explanation of the incident - how the break-in was detected, evidence and possible clues, technical background such as log files and network maps, and a series of questions for you to solve.  Then, in part II, you get a detailed analysis of how the experts solved each incident.' 


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