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Healing Gaia by James Lovelock

Healing Gaia by James Lovelock

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Healing Gaia

Practical Medicine for the Planet

by James Lovelock

Harmony Books, 1991, [First Edition], colour photographs and colour illustrations and diagrams, decorated endpapers, hardcover, dustjacket

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, minor rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, dustjacket shows minor edge and shelf wear with minor rubbing, bumping and chipping (see photographs)

“By applying medical science to out planet as a whole, James Lovelock, visionary creator of the Gaia theory, gives us an exciting new way of understanding the frailties and strengths of planet Earth.
With the publication of his first book, Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth, James Lovelock changed the way a generation of readers perceives our planet.  His revolution hypothesis, which proposes that our planet is not just a collection of living things but acts as a single living organism itself, has earned millions of adherents among the scientific and general public alike.  Now, in Healing Gaia: A New Prescription for the Living Planet, Lovelock expands his original concept to ask perhaps the most pressing question of all: if the planet is alive, what is its health? In answering, he explores with us the real effects of the threats we hear so much about: acid rain, deforestation, ozone depletion, the widespread extinction of species, and so on.”


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