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Heroes Denied by Colin Frisch

Heroes Denied by Colin Frisch

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Heroes Denied

The Malayan Harrier Conspiracy 

by Colin Frisch

Marlin Publications, 1990, [First Edition], b/w plates, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 1875165185

Fine Condition, small insect holes on dust jacket at back (see photographs)

'This is the amazing true story of fifteen Australian soldiers who refused to surrender when the Japanese steamrolled down the Malayan Peninsula early in 1942.  Their will to survive and evade capture would lead them on a remarkable journey back to Australia - frought with starvation, illness, adversity and great hardship.  
On arrival in Australia several months later, there were few greetings, no decorations - but disbelief.   They were considered deserters and given the title, 'The Malayan Harriers'.
Now in 1990, there are only nine of the original fifteen men remaining.  It is time their story was told.'

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