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Ho Chi Minh by Jean Lacouture

Ho Chi Minh by Jean Lacouture

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Ho Chi Minh

Political Leaders of the Twentieth Century

by Jean Lacouture

Translaed by Peter Wiles

Pelican Books, 1969, paperback

Very Good Condition, some edge and shelf wear, some rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, some creasing and scuffing to covers and spine (see photographs)

"In the crucial struggle of our time, 'Uncle Ho' was as symbolic of North Vietnam as 'Uncle Sam' is of the United States.  During his extraordinary career as a revolutionary in Europe and Asia, Ho was known under nine different names; but the force of his engaging personality impressed almost everyone who knew him.  This is the biography of a man, both Yogi and Commissar, whose colourful leadership recalls an era in communist history before today's wooden faces and stodgy speeches.  Almost single-handed, Ho Chi Minh revived a nation, built a state and directed two wars against oppression.  The war with France hastened the end of a great colonial empire.  The war with the United States has exposed the limits of technological power."


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