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How & When to Find Gemstones in Australia & New Zealand by Bill Myatt

How & When to Find Gemstones in Australia & New Zealand by Bill Myatt

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How & When to Find Gemstones in Australia & New Zealand

Edited by Bill Myatt

Summit Books, Paul Hamlyn, 1979, ISBN 0727102583, colour photographic plates, black and white photographs, two-page illustrated title page, large paperback

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions (see photographs)

“This book is divided into four main sections.  The section deals broadly with many of the most interesting aspects of the subject and therefore serves admirably as an introduction.  The other three sections, geology, gemstone identification, and gemstone localities, provide the kind of knowledge and information which is indispensable to the serious hobbyist.
In reading the first section you may wish to skip some of the topics until later.  However, we strongly suggest that you do not skip the very first item, Fossicking Methods.
Despite the dauting nature of its terminology the section on geology is not really difficult to understand, and it is included simply because it is essential to a deeper reading of the subject.  A glossary will be found at the end of this section.
Gemstone Identification is also necessarily technical in part but in no way will it faze the average interested reader.
The final section of the book comprises information never before published concerning the gemstone and mineral localities of all Australia and New Zealand.  This is probably the most detailed account ever attempted and includes a map section especially designed for this book.
Overall we fell How & Where to Find Gemstones is the most comprehensive book on the subject suitable for the ordinary reader, and we trust it wil do much towards fostering this most worthwhile hobby.”


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