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I, The Aboriginal by Douglas Lockwood

I, The Aboriginal by Douglas Lockwood

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I, The Aboriginal

by Douglas Lockwood

illustrated by Ainslie Roberts

Rigby, 1980, ISBN 0727013653, colour and black and white illustrations throughout, illustrated endpapers (maps), illustrated title page, hardcover with small illustration on front board, dustjacket

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, no inscriptions, dustjacket shows minor edge and shelf wear with minor rubbing to edges and corners (see photographs)

“My name is Waipuldanya, or Wadjiri-Wadjiri. (If they twist your tongue too much you can call me Phillip Roberts.  That is my white-feller name.)
I’m a full-blood Aboriginal of the Alawa tribe at Roper River in the Northern Territory.
My body has been though the fires oftribal initiation.  I have been subjected to many taboos.  As a child I was ‘sung’ to death by a malevolent medicine man, who wished to destroy me in order to punish my clan.  I was saved by another.
I have worshipped Kunapipi the Earth Mother in our pagan ceremonies.  I believe in the Rainbow Serpent.  I have also worshipped and believe in the Lord God and have been confused by a conflict of religions.  In my youth I was taught to track and hunt wild animals, to be self-reliant in living off the land, to provide for my family with the aid only of my spears and woomeras.
I married a tribal woman who was chosen for me by my uncle, because he was the man who grew-me-up and that was the law.  We had six daughters.
My life changed dramatically in 1953, on a day at Roper River when a white doctor chose me as his driver-mechanic.  I then became his medical assistant.  He taught me about medicines and drugs, and showed me how to use the microscope, stethoscope and X-ray. I have used these skills to help my people.
But in spite of the knowledge and sophistication which I acquired, I am still and always shall be an Aboriginal.
Douglas Lockwood wrote this book about my life.
This is my story.”


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