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In The Sewers of Lvov by Robert Marshall

In The Sewers of Lvov by Robert Marshall

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In The Sewers of Lvov

The Last Sanctuary from the Holocaust

by Robert Marshall

Williams Collins Sons & Co., 1990, [First Edition], ISBN 0002153971, black and white photographic plates, hardcover, dust-jacket

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions or markings, dust-jacket shows minor edge and shelf wear,  (see photographs)

"It was the last refuge of the desperate Jews - the warren of sewers underneath their city.  Above, the Nazis implemented the destruction of their friends and relatives in a final Aktion against the ghetto in the Polish city Lvov.  A small bad Jews, however, escaped into the grim network of tunnels, there to live for fourteen months with the city's waste, the sudden floods that washed some of them away, the fumes and the damp, the rats, the darkness and the despair.  Their only support was a sewer work, and ex-criminal who constantly threatened to leave them if they ran out of money.  Many died; some of cyanide in mass suicide, some of falling into the rushing waters of the river, some simply of exhaustion."


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